New Outdoor Tent Rental Option!

Guys, we are SO excited about our new Outdoor tent! It is HUGE with a 16′ diameter and is tall enough to stand up in and easily move around. We tested it out in our backyard with our big family of 7 and it was perfect. 

This tent has removable sides for an open feeling or several windows with netting for airflow. Whichever way you use it, its perfect! 

We will be offering Mini and Standard packages like we do with our indoor tents as well as rental for Girls’ Night In, a fancy family dinner or a special birthday occasion. Be in touch with us as this tent is already booking up quickly!

5 Activities to Create the BEST Slumber Party EVER!

All middle school girls want to host the BEST slumber party EVER– the slumber party that they talk about and remember for years! We have five ideas to help your child be the “hostess with the mostest”!


1. Make a craft

Making a craft is not only a memorable experience– it can be a momento the kids cherish for years. We offer craft boxes that will include all the supplies you need to decorate a pillow case, make a dream catcher and more. If you want to create your own craft, Pinterest is a great place for ideas.

2. Bake

All of us can remember how much we loved working in the kitchen as a child! Nowadays, getting dinner on the table can seem like a chore, but to my children, it is the best thing ever! Supervising the kids making cookies or homemade pizzas is an easy way to give the kids a wonderful, memorable experience and also fill their tummies!

Another option is purchasing chocolate molds and chocolate melts and other accessories (rice crispies, caramel, nuts) and letting the kids make their own chocolates. The chocolate melts come in a variety of colors and are available at WalMart! Any leftover chocolates can be made into Unicorn Candy by swirling the colors together and adding edible glitter.

3. Blindfolded Makeovers

This idea came directly from on of our hostess’ moms. Get all your cheap or rarely used makeup out, blindfold one girl and let her apply makeup to another girl. The results are hilarious! Make sure to have your camera ready!

4. Glow in the Dark Treasure Hunt

This is the perfect option for both girls and boys of all ages. Purchase some glow in the dark toys and trinkets or attach glow in the dark stars to little items or candy and hide them all over the house or the backyard. Send the kids out to find them and let them keep what they find!

5. Test your Taste Buds

This game might appeal to boys a little more than girls because they seem to find the yucky things hilarious! Put 11 items from the kitchen into individual numbered bowls. Have the child roll two dice two times. The child will take a spoonful from each bowl and eat them together. Its a good idea to have a mix of good tasting and crazy tasting items. Here is a sample list:

2.  Ketchup
3. Cottage Cheese
4. Pickle Juice
5. Mayo
6. Mustard
7. Salsa
8. Ice cream
9. Coke or another soda
10. Frosting
11. Soy Sauce
12. Sugar

So if the child rolls a 3 the first time and a 10 the second time, they would take a bite of cottage cheese/frosting!


Comment with other great slumber party ideas!

Bestie Package

You asked and we listened!! We are excited to introduce our Bestie Package! At only $60, this affordable option allows your child to have an amazing slumber party with their bestie! With this package you get two tents complete with mattresses and linens, twinkle lights, decorative bunting or floral strand and a decorative pillow. The setup and teardown are done by you and you can drop the items off the next day when you are done! This is a sure way to make your ‘average’ slumber party a memorable one!

My Favorite Part of This Business

I have said countless times that this is the most fun business to run! I enjoy sewing the tents and the accessories, picking out color schemes and themes and coming up with unique ideas for add on’s. But my ABSOLUTE favorite part of this business is seeing the reactions from the host children. I love when moms record their kids walking into the living room for the first time to see their slumber party set up! Some react with screams and whoops and some react with squeals and some are just plain shocked! Regardless, I love to see their faces. Check out this video from one of our sleepovers

Is your child ready for a slumber party?

Is your child ready for a slumber party?

My children have spent the night at their grandparents’ or cousins’ homes several times starting at a fairly young age, but a sleepover at a friend’s house it a totally different situation! I remember being so nervous the first time my son was invited over to a friend’s house. It was a friend from church and we knew the parents very well. We spent a lot of time at their home with their family and we trusted them with our children. The night went off without a hitch and our son came home the next morning telling us all about his night and promptly fell asleep, exhausted! Our son was only six at the time of the sleepover, but we knew he was ready. Our daughter, on the other hand is nearly 7 and probably not ready to stay overnight at a friend’s house. She isn’t quite as independent as our son and tends to like to be close to us at night. Not every child is the same and they may be ready for sleepovers at different times. Assess your child individually and give them options if you think they may be ready, but aren’t sure. Make sure they know how to reach you if they need to while at their friend’s house. Make sure you are available to answer the phone or pick them up if needed.


Sometimes (and for me, this is true!) sleepovers can be harder on a parent than a child. To help you feel more comfortable, ask LOTS of questions. How many children will be at the party? Who are the children? Who else will be in the house? Where will the children be sleeping? How can your child reach you during the slumber party? These are our children and it is important to be vigilant about their safety and comfort. Get to know the parents of the child hosting the party by inviting them over for a cup of coffee before the party.


Make sure your child is equipped to handle any feelings he or she may encounter. Let them know that it is ok for them to call you at any time of the night and make sure the parents hosting know this as well.


In the end, an enjoyable sleepover starts with everyone involved feeling safe and comfortable. If you are wondering if your child is ready for a sleepover, try hosting one at your house first! We can help with that!


Sister Slumber Party!

Sister Slumber Party!

This was such a fun party! Last weekend we set up a party for a group of three sisters. They each invited one friend so we had a total of six tents. Can I just say that it is awesome that these sisters wanted to have a joint slumber party?! As a mom of four girls, I love seeing that sisterly love!! Their mom was kind enough to take and pass on these beautiful photos from their special night!

Business Launch!

Business Launch!

We have been working hard! The past few months have been filled with trial and error, lots of sewing and lots of styling! But, we are now ready to launch our business! We hope the Sioux Falls area is as excited as we are to begin this journey as the first slumber party for hire company in the area!